Internet Bookcase is a new way to discover underrated books and for indie authors to promote their books, and the best part is it’s free! Instead of featuring blurbs like most book sites, authors’ books can be browsed by reading their first few pages or first chapters. Internet Bookcase accordingly replicates the feeling of going to a bookshop and looking through the books. Authors can submit their books of any genre using the submission form, and within seconds they are added to the bookcase. Books are ranked by the date they were added, so they will all be at the top at some point. However, all books posted are automatically deleted after 3 weeks to make room for new ones.

Optional additional advertising is offered. If you would like your book to be on the bookcase for a longer period of time and stickied at the top, and your book added to the exclusive golden bookcase, the prices are the following:

3 months: $20

6 months: $30

9 months: $40

A year: $50

3 years: $100

You can pay below (please wait 24 hours after payment):

Internet Bookcase is not currently accepting payment as it is in beta phase.

If you have any issues or questions about anything, please contact: